Escape fiat delays, switch to Bankto for instant, borderless crypto payments.

Escape fiat delays,
switch to Bankto for instant,
borderless crypto payments.

Unlock the power of crypto payments with Bankto – fast, secure, and borderless financial freedom for your business!

Unlock the power of crypto payments with Bankto and watch your business thrive!

Unlock the power of crypto payments with Bankto—where speed meets security, propelling your business into the global marketplace.

How does it work


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With Bankto, your transactions settle lightning-fast, enhancing your cash flow and operational efficiency.


KYC Verification for Approval

Swift KYC verification for quick approval and seamless onboarding with AI powered solutions.


Deposits, Withdraws, and Exchanges

Effortless transactions – secure crypto and fiat deposits, withdrawals, and exchanges. Your financial journey simplified.


Priority Customer Support Access

Unlock exclusive benefits with Priority Customer Support Access – enjoy swift, personalized assistance for an elevated service experience.

What our customers say



Bankto's app revolutionized my payment experience! Seamless transactions, whether crypto or fiat. The user-friendly interface and swift support make it my go-to for hassle-free banking.



Bankto's payment app is a game-changer. I love the convenience of handling crypto and fiat seamlessly. The security features instill confidence, and the customer support is top-notch. Highly recommended!



Bankto's app simplifies deposits, withdrawals, and exchanges. The interface is intuitive, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users. The reliability and efficiency are unmatched in the market!



Bankto Payment Technologies app exceeded my expectations. Fast transactions, secure processes, and the Priority Customer Support Access truly set it apart. A must-have for anyone navigating the world of digital finance.


How do I get a merchant account with Bankto?

Please apply by filling in the contact form or send an email to Our sales managers will contact you as soon as possible.

How much does Bankto charge for its processing service?

The integration with Bankto is free. We only charge transaction fees. Our transaction types are deposit, withdrawal and exchange. We also have combined transactions, such as deposits with instant exchange. The fees depend on therequired options and the merchant’s business model. Please apply at for an individual commercial offer.

What alternative payments do you support?

At the moment, we accept over 50 different altcoins (BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, XRP, USDT, USDC) and Tether tokens (ERC20, TRC20 networks). We are working on adding more currencies. You can see the full list of supported currencies in the Supported crypto currencies section.

How can I convert all these different coins to BTC?

provides an opportunity for both merchants and their end-users to send and receive over 140 cryptocurrencies within their Bankto accounts, crediting the counterparty’s balance in the required coin. This option is available in manual mode for end-users and through the appropriate API for businesses.

Can I convert coins to EUR?

Yes. Bankto has a built-in instant exchange function. It allows merchants to immediately exchange the cryptocurrency paid by their customer into the fiat currency chosen by the merchant.

How often can I expect crypto settlements?

We make settlements at your request. We do not use rolling reserves, so 100% of the funds are available for withdrawal at any time. We also have an auto withdrawal option for cryptocurrencies: the system makes settlements automatically when the account balance reaches a certain threshold.

Is it safe to keep my money in your wallet?

Absolutely. Your funds are stored in an offline (“cold”) wallet protected from cyber attacks. An operational (“hot”) wallet holds the funds required for automated operations such as multiple payments to your clients. This wallet holds Bankto’s operating funds. So we have got you covered. Prior to the integration with Bankto, you decide how much money you want to keep in our system, thereby setting storage limits. All funds exceeding these limits (bankroll) will be automatically transferred to your external address.

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Accept payments in crypto and get paid in your local currency with Bankto

Accept payments in crypto and get paid in cash instantly with Bankto

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If you have a network of potential clients who might be interested in accepting Bitcoin and other cryptos as a payment method or you have a platform to promote our service or ATM’s, you can apply for our Introducer programme by filling out our request form.

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Accept payments in crypto and get paid in your local currency with Bankto

Accept payments in crypto and get paid in cash instantly with Bankto

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